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Another way to make money on Zazzle is to receive referrals from promoting products that you did not create.  Your associate  number is the key to making money this way.You can make money on any Zazzle product by promoting it on your blog, your Facebook page, your tweets or any other way that you can imagine, simply by including your associate number after the product URL. The crater of the product receives a royalty, and you receive a referral fee. Of course, the Holy Grail of this endeavor is to capture both streams of income – getting the referral fee from products that you have created!

Here is an example: Some of the hottest products right now are cases for iPads and iPhones – no surprise there as iPads and iPhones are the hottest selling products in the universe right now.

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  The first thing that you buy after your new toy is a way to prevent scratches.

However, most cases are sort of boring and do not offer any level of individuality .

Does someone who wishes to be a trend-setter really want to have the same Big-Box case that everyone else bought on Big-Box Boxing Day?

Well, the answer to that question is clearly “No!”

The trend-setter wants to be ahead of the curve by expressing their own individuality. What better way to show this than having their own specially created cases?

So – how do you make money on this? By including your associate number in the product that you are promoting!

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By promoting iPhone cases – or any other product –  (and including your associate  number ) you make a referral commission if anyone clicks through your link and orders the product through Zazzle. Once the link is clicked, and a cookie (with your name on it!) links subsequent buying with your  associate  number. So – how do you get this fantastic cookie to know who you are? Quite simple – copy the URL of the product from the Zazzle page and add your  associate  number to the end of the URL.

As an example, the URL for the iPhone case is:

If you promote this promote by placing it on your blog or web site or Facebook page or Twitter feed or QR code (or anything else) have the link point to:

Zazzle provides you with ways to make money from many different income streams.

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