Getting Started – Creating Your Own Online Zazzle Store

zazzlefan January 7, 2012 0

Zazzle has over 20 million monthly customers, each of them eagerly waiting to buy the coolest products available. From iPhone cases to business cards to skateboards, customers are searching Zazzle to find the products that they want. So – how do you do capture some of their retail dollars?

Well, to get started, you have to create an online store at After registering on Zazzle, you will be asked to name your store. Be as creative as possible in naming your Zazzle store, as this is what the world will know you as. Admittedly, “A Great Store” is not terribly creative, but is will serve for illustrative purposes. Let your imagination run wild, and remember, you can have multiple stores that will allow you to market your products to specific audiences. One store could be geared towards products for dog lovers, and another towards race-car fans. Making your Zazzle store name relevant and memorable may increase traffic to your store.



Once you have decided upon your Zazzle store name (and registered it), you will be brought to a dashboard that will enable you to change your settings, add content, customize your store look-and-feel and manage your comments and products.

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