Creating Your First Zazzle Product

zazzlefan February 5, 2012 0

So, time to start creating your first product. As Zazzle sells tons of T-Shirts, let’s start by making one of those.

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Zazzle makes it easy for you to create your own products: you can pick images to be uploaded, and customize the text by choosing hundreds of colors and fonts.

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Very quickly, you can transform the blank T-Shirt canvas into a product of your own creation.In this example, I added text and images to create a I heart Ron Paul T-Shirt.

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To finish up the product, select a category (in this case, politics), and tags. Zazzle has recently changed their tagging policy to prevent spamming. Be as specific as possible with your tags: for this example, I chose the tag “Ron Paul for President”. This is a simplistic example: the more unique your design, the more opportunities you have to reach a customer base

If you are not specific, and add non-relevant tags, you run the risk of having Zazzle cancel your account.

Two more boxes to check off before publishing.

  • Does your product have an age restriction on it? Are you putting naughty words on your products? If so make sure that you label it “14A”. Always check with Zazzle’s guidelines before you publish anything someone may take offense to (that’s just common sense).
  • Select your royalty. The typical and default royalty is 10%. You can select whatever royalty rate you want, but the price of the product goes up if you increase your royalty.

Once you publish the product, you will receive an unique URL that you can use for advertising on your bog, web site, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The beauty of Zazzle is that you can create a design in Illustrator or Photoshop (or whatever your favorite program is) and upload it to customize a wide variety of products such as T-Shirts, skateboards, neckties, coffee cups.


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